Power Security Company has the capability to offer detailed engineering based on customer’s functional Specifications; alternatively Power Security Company can design a system that meets the best requirements of the customers in the most economical way. Based on key strengths and skill-sets required for various phases of project execution, Power Security Company team is organized as follows:


Development: Survey and Designing of the complete location from the stage of the drawing board – Consulting to Pre-Sales
Proposal: As a qualified System Integrator, to devise the best fit of products and solutions, which are technically and commercially viable, with future proofing.
Procurement: The Project implementation team enabling efficient and just in time procurement.
Implementation:Implementing of the solution through the various products delivering a unified solution.
Integration: Complete and seamless Solution integration and technology migration.
Training: Training and Project Hand holding with the customer. Single point of contact to access both Power Security and Third Party resources Comprehensive methods and procedures

Project Implementation

Power Security Company customers require Surveillance Camera installation, implementation, and upgrade services that assist them with getting to market quickly and cost effectively. The Project Implementation team addresses timely deployment of camera installation and implementation; providing skilled and experienced resources.

The Power Security Company Total Implementation Solutions entails a large number of implementation solutions. As a complete Technology Services Organization, Power Security Company Team uses the capability of the in-house resources, be it Surveillance Camera (CCTV/IP), Biometrics system,IT infrastructure, Software or Applications & Solutions, to cater to the project needs for any customer. Power Security Company has inhouse expertise to design, deploy and manage MOST OF THE LEADING SECURITY SOLUTION OFFERINGS IN THE MARKET to help ensure delivery of high-quality security services and support.


Power Security Company is a dynamic organization,
providing end-to-end solutions in different areas.
Since its inception on April 2012. Power Security has
made its mark as a well-established company with ample
experience in the field of providing Read more

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